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Whether an Owner, Developer, Lender, Design Professional, Contractor, Sub-Contractor, Material Supplier or Manufacturer, AG Adams Law can provide focused strategic advice on every aspect of a construction project or development. The firm’s goal is to identify the client’s objective up front and develop an effective strategy for a successful result. A representative list of services and subjects about which the firm’s attorneys have substantial experience is provided here, but for advice on your specific situation, please contact us (LINK) for an initial consultation.

Most construction disputes, even those that do not result in litigation or arbitration, require an in-depth understanding of technical design and construction concepts in order to develop a sound, effective strategy for achieving the client’s goal. It is essential that legal counsel have the experience necessary to match consultants with the required expertise to the issues at hand. AG Adams Law has over 30 years experience on a wide variety of design and construction issues necessary to find the right consultant. Once the consultant is on the team, AG Adams Law works closely with the consultant to make sure the necessary analysis or investigation is performed and the evidence documented is adequate to support the consultant’s determination of the appropriate action or remedy.